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"Our website traffic has significantly increased and we are seeing huge spikes when we send our EDM’s. The actual feedback ... from end users is hugely positive and more importantly the number of genuine sales leads being generated has tripled."
Matt Smith, Silverson Machines

Rochelle Printing

I have been a vendor, or as I like to say, a business partner with Quiet Light Communications since they first went into business. QLC has always treated me as more than a “vendor” and I appreciate that they understand they are getting more than just a quoting machine. I try to offer suggestions as to the best processes and materials for each job. I have worked with Audrey Dittmar on printing projects for almost 20 years and have always found her very knowledgeable as well as receptive to new ideas. It is this kind of history that can really pay off for QLC’s clients. We know what is expected from us as well that QLC never fails in their ability to communicate accurate specifications and provide quality files to print. It is often the Quiet Light Communications designed projects that get showcased as some of our premier print pieces when talking with prospects. Even though we show all our clients the same respect in providing them the highest quality for the best price, it benefits us to be able to show the type of high quality design that QLC produces.

All the employees at Quiet Light Communications are top notch people and I thoroughly enjoy working with them. I would highly recommend them as a business partner to anyone, except maybe another printer who really needs the competition?
Greg Morhardt, Principal - Rochelle Printing

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